Ground Water Drainage in King Abdulaziz District

Project Details
  • Client: Arriyadh Development Authority
  • Location: Riyadh
  • Starting Date: July - 2012
  • Completion Date: July - 2013
  • Contract Value: SAR 66,281,980
  • Contract Value: USD 17,675,196
  • Scope of work: Construction of ground water drainage system to lower the existing ground water table
Project Info

Subsurface land drainage aims at controlling the water table of the ground water in originally waterlogged at a depth acceptable for the purpose for which land is used.

The system consists of horizontal perforated pipes pre-wrapped with an envelope material to prevent entry of fine partical into the drain and consequently clogging the pipes.

The perforated pipe provides a minor underground storage volume but the prime purpose is for the perforations to drain the area along the full length of the pipe and to discharge any surplus water at its end.

These pipes are connected to manholes which will convey water through the pipes to the end discharge point.

The whole system consists of 16750Lm of variable diameter pipes and 157 manholes.