Long Term and Emergency Care Center

  • Long Term and Emergency Care Center

  • Long Term and Emergency Care Center

Project Details
  • Client: Saudi Arabian National Guard
  • Location: Khashm Al An
  • Starting Date: October - 1998
  • Completion Date: April - 2001
  • Contract Value: SAR 37,387,208
  • Contract Value: USD 9,969,922
  • Scope of work: Architectural, Civil, Electro Mechanical Works and Special Equipment
Project Info

The project consists of design and construction of two story Long Term Care Center Building and a single story Emergency Care Center Building with electrical substations, car parking, sidewalks and landscaping. Each building is furnished with Medical and Non – Medical equipment and furniture including Special Systems. The Project total area is 10, 000 m2 and the actual built up area is 5, 870 m2.

 The long Term Care Center’s built up area measures 2, 840 m2 while the Emergency Care Center totals 3, 030 m2.

 Work items include concrete structure with external CMU fluted blocks, plaster, paint, filing doors and windows, acoustical ceilings, gypsum board partition, thermal & moisture protection, external pavement, curbstones, irrigation and landscaping.

 Mechanical items involves, but not limited to, sanitary fixtures, fire protection system, HVAC, chillers, AC AHU VAV system, Medical Gas System Network, plumbing and drainage system, DDC for BMS, potable water and irrigation pumps.

 Electrical works cover electrical substations, generators and transformers, MV & LV cables, ATS and ring main units.

 The special systems for this project consists of Pneumatic Tube Transport System, Telephone System, Fire Alarm and Detection System, Prime Distribution System, Public Address System, UPS, Conveying System (Elevator), Video & Tone / Visual System, Nurse Call System, CCTV, Central Dictation, Local Area Network (LAN), medical and non medical equipment.