King Khaled International Airport Industrial Estate Infra-structure and Support Facilities (KKIA - Riyadh)

Project Details
  • Client: Ministry of Defence and Aviation, International Airports Projects
  • Location: Riyadh
  • Starting Date: July - 1992
  • Completion Date: July - 1995
  • Contract Value: SAR 223,701,552
  • Contract Value: USD 59,653,744
  • Scope of work: Roads, Civil, Architectural and Electrical, Telecom, Water and Sewer utilities
Project Info

 The project consists of airside (taxiway extension and airfield lighting) and landside which is the construction of the industrial Estate Infrastructure and Support Facilities. The facilities are aimed to serve the occupants of the Industrial Estate such as Advance Electronics, Al Salam Aircraft and other future tenants.

Project Elements:

  1. Security Check Facility Building (SCF)The single level reinforced concrete building with a built up area of 175 m2 is equipped for baggage inspection and CCTV for surveillance.
  2. Extension of Taxiway and Holding Apron
  3. Airfield Lighting System and Tie Up to the Existing System

Construction of the following buildings including site development, civil, structural, architectural and electro-mechanical works:

  1. Fire Station Building (FS)
  2. Facilities Maintenance Building (FMB), Shaded Storage, Guard House & Gas Station
  3. Water Reservoir & Pumping Station Building (UUN)
  4. Three Electrical Substation Buildings (ESS-100, ES-300, & ESS-400)

Services and Utilities:

  • Portable & Fire Water System & Utilities
  • Roads & embankments including box culvert and water drainage system.
  •  Traffic Lights and Traffic Control System
  • Special Systems include Fire and Life Safety System, Power Supervisory System, CCTV System, Telephone System and Traffic Control System with all its external & underground utilities.
  • Concrete manholes, handholes and duct banks for power and telephone cables.

The contract also covers the supply of furniture, applications, workshop tools and mobile equipment and vehicles for the fire station and maintenance workshops and offices.


 Roads   10 KM
 Earthworks   1,206.709 m3
 Base Course  134, 262 m3
 Bituminous Courses  90, 467 tons
 Concrete  11, 675 m3