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Almabani management team is behind the company’s success and sustained growth and expansion. Dedication, expertise, professionalism and commitment are key elements of the management policy.

The management team key performance is based on consistency, clarity and steadiness of purpose, and thorough leadership; these same principles are inspired by the new generation of employees joining the company.

Almabani continues to invest in quality, value engineering, proactive and talented people, endeavoring at all times to satisfy our client's expectations and to best serve the welfare of our employees and society.

In the years to come, we will continue to carry the flag fueled by an inherent culture of steady growth, quality work and commitment to timely achievements.

Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting are service departments. They serve as the financial background for all the activities of the company where all the records are kept and managed. Their main tasks are:

  • To respond to the internal top management’s business needs.
  • To provide accurate financial information to all other departments.
  • To liaise with the financial institutions that constitute the backbone of the company’s activities.
  • To develop for the company’s shareholders financial reports to review the activities and performance of the company.
  • To meet all legal requirements inherent to us.
  • To ensure that books and records are kept up-to-date according to defined policies and procedures set by the management.

Almabani's Team consists of seasoned persons that handle this job at the highest professional level. Financial management is their essential function where the purpose is to evaluate performance, compare it to the budget, use the figures to inform management and look forward to trends and help remedy the causes.
Almabani's management looks at the Finance function to:

  • Report on the company's essential financial information needs as they change, and to produce them on time to make business sense for the company.
  • Bring the information from the different units in a uniform way so as to provide an overall view of the business.
  • Develop common and agreed upon bases for reporting and judging performance.

Alfred Hakim


As the complexity of its projects increased and the company established a major national presence, the need for a strong Legal Department became paramount. Almabani's Legal Department draws on the experience of a capable and talented team of lawyers. Their responsibilities are central to the group's successes. They are involved in all aspects of contract preparation from review of standard legal documents to negotiation of complex agreements with international outfits.

Mohammad Al Qahtani


Almabani's areas of operation include turnkey projects, all aspects of civil construction and electrical & mechanical works. Almabani is also involved in architecture, interior finishing and construction management.

The company has an extensive number of projects to its credit. These include development of the Kingdom's infrastructure, construction of communication networks, construction of large housing projects, prestigious commercial and government buildings, interior refurbishment and decoration of palaces, building of power stations and construction of desalination plants.

It is standard practice at Almabani to apply rigorous value engineering techniques to every project, so as to derive the optimum options after thorough analyses of all aspects of design and construction. This, in turn, maximizes value and performance of the project to the clients' definitive advantage.

To achieve the above, Almabani is counting on its own Design and Engineering Department where most of the designs are carried out in-house by a talented team of specialized engineers and architects.

Joseph Daher

Construction Management

More and more Clients are expressing an interest to be involved in the various aspects of construction such as selection of subcontractors, procurement of material and services, and so forth. At the same time, they do not want to be burdened with the huge task of managing such sub-contractors or overseeing day-to-day operations and so on. Almabani has responded to this need by setting up a Construction Management Service entity.

Almabani's Construction Management Service entity makes sure that the client is aware of all the choices before him throughout the various stages of construction, from project planning, design and procurement to construction and final inspection services. Simultaneously, Almabani team manages the client's sub-contractors, controls quality and site safety, and drives the construction progress.

This service has proved very popular with several of Almabani's clients since it ensures well-defined accountabilities with better control over the project, the design process, the construction phases and the budget.

Sami Sindaha

IT Resources

Information Technology (IT) is the service department of the company that supports all areas of the company. The IT Department’s main goals are:

  • To provide quality services to all departments and users.
  • To come up with innovative ideas and solutions to effectively serve our users in their different job locations.
  • To manage and support all IT assets scattered on the different projects sites around the country.
  • To abide by the policies and procedures set by management to achieve the highest quality of service.
  • To maintain our current servers and IT infrastructure operational 24/7.
  • To be responsible for keeping all electronic communications running smoothly.
  • To ensure both internal and external network security measures are upgraded and updated at all times.

These tasks would not have been possible had it not been entrusted to seasoned personnel with invaluable experience, coupled with up-to-date knowledge of the ever-evolving information technology. Their dedication has contributed a lot to the success and stability of our network.

Human Resources

Almabani’s Human Resources Department (HRD) is responsible for a wide range of activities:

  1. Decides on the staffing needs and has to, therefore, plan ahead for expat’s number of visas required from the local authorities.
  2. Recruits or selects, when applicable, recruitment agencies and trains their employees.
  3. Keeps employees’ records and official documents.
  4. Manages employees’ benefits and compensations programs.
  5. Implements the company’s personnel policies, ensuring that all employees are aware of those policies that are in strict conformity with local laws and regulations.
  6. Ensures that all staff abide by the local laws.

Although these tasks look mundane, they require expertise, knowledge of the ways to handle personnel affairs and a lot of patience. HRD staff has been with the company for over 29 years and has all the necessary qualifications to ensure smooth performance with all the different nationalities that constitute the family of Almabani.

Saud Al Selmi

Quality Assurance

Almabani operates under a well-established, documented and implemented Quality Management System (QMS), based upon the company’s Core values, Quality Policy, quality objectives, quality manual, group operations procedure, process flowcharts, work method statements and related records, audited regularly for continual conformity and improvement. Almabani’s most important assets are its people, the experience, knowledge, and understanding that they possess. Almabani’s QMS has been designed to be flexible and comprehensive in order to support the staff in their efforts towards building comprehensive “quality culture” into their work norm.

Our QMS is in compliance with the requirements of the latest ISO International Standards for Quality Management Systems. There are no exclusions in our ISO compliance certification. Our auditors for the ISO certification is SGS S.A. and the scope of our certification covers “design and civil construction of roads, buildings, housing, palaces, airport runways & facilities, water & sewerage plants & utilities, electrical power plants & substations, communication facilities & utilities, light & heavy industrial plants & utilities, and concrete repair & rehabilitation.”

Our top management is very much committed towards quality and this is reflected in Almabani’s Quality Policy. The corporate Quality Policy emphasizes on providing Zero-Defect products and services from conception to completion of each project. To achieve this quality objective, we at Almabani, work as a team and also ensure that necessary skills and knowledge are imparted to all our team members at the right time.

15 Asphalt & Concrete Plants
2460 Heavy Machinery & Specialized Equipment
SR100 M Worth of Equipment & Machinery


Almabani owns a large equipment fleet and multiple asphalt and concrete plants that have grown over the years to match the job requirements, available supplies and new work trends. The equipment fleet and the plants are major assets and their growth has been a judicious investment.

Our extensive experience, combined with today’s practices, has led to determining the brands, models, sizes, and suppliers who will give the best results in terms of:

  1. Timely achievement of the projects
  2. Minimization of downtime
  3. Equipment efficiency
  4. Equipment durability
  5. Optimization of investment

Our Equipment and Plant Resources
  • Equipment 2,460 Heavy Machinery Including Vehicles
  • Plants:   15 Asphalt and Concrete Plants

Our equipment fleet comprises earthmoving equipment, concrete plants, mixers & pumps, asphalt plants and associated pavers & compacting equipment, power generators and mobile & tower cranes, all worth around US$ 100 million.

A Central Equipment Facility provides the means for carrying out major overhauls, in-depth repairs, modifications and manufacturing for equipment originating from or going to different projects.

All our sites are equipped with workshops commensurate with the number and nature of their equipment and project scope.

The standard practices that apply to all equipment comprise periodic and preventive maintenance, adjustments and repairs as needed.

In addition to the Central Equipment Facility, and in response to the concentration of equipment and/or any special operational needs, two Intermediate Maintenance Setups are located in Jeddah and Riyadh, to serve the areas’ projects. These Intermediate Maintenance Setups are headed by engineers who direct and supervise all technical and administrative aspects of equipment maintenance.


Almabani’s Safety Philosophy

Our employees are our most valuable asset and their personal safety holds a great importance in our company. We believe that all accidents can be prevented and that safety is the responsibility of everyone. Each level of management is responsible for demonstrating safety leadership, providing a safe work environment and promoting safety as a value:

  1. All accidents are preventable.
  2. Management and all employees have a primary responsibility for the safety and well-being of employees, contractors and visitors.
  3. Workplace risks can be minimized and exposures can be safeguarded.
  4. Effective communication is essential to securing a safe workplace.
  5. Training employees to properly perform their jobs is essential.
  6. Understanding the safety policy is a must for all employees, contractors and visitors.
  7. Reporting and sharing near miss incidents is a key to improving safety.
  8. All employees are empowered to stop any unsafe activity.
  9. Recognizing safe behavior fosters better understanding of our policies, philosophy and practices.
  10. Preventing accidents is just good business.
  11. Promote workforce involvement, feedback and Integrity.
  12. Delivering excellence in health and safety in the way we behave and work.
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