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Almabani General Contractors has a long robust history which began when the founders’ established the company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in October of 1972. We are a family owned company that remains true to its founders’ spirit, covenants, innovation and perseverance.

For four and a half decades, we have been building up our expertise to serve an ever more demanding and challenging construction need in the region.

In a prosperous economy fuelled by the oil boom, our company was positioned to participate in the execution of some of the most prestigious landmark projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have the highest classification in all civil and electrical works with in-house capabilities to develop design and value engineer solutions to cater for our clients’ needs. We have proudly executed projects from complex infrastructure works to heavy civil engineering structures.

Our expansion in the early 1980’s 90’s led us to execute work in the reconstruction of Lebanon. A decade later, our appetite for expansion led us to bid and execute two landmark achievements, the first being the delineation of the borders between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman.

Between 2001 and 2003, Almabani completed in record time the construction of a military city for Dir’Al Jazira forces in the north of Saudi Arabia, a landmark project in its history.

Capitalized at 100 Million Saudi Riyals and with a permanent work force of just over 10,000 highly skilled professionals aided with a physical presence that covers the Kingdom, Almabani is positioned to tackle mega size projects and continue its’ contribution in the development of the region.

Today we are engaged in highly competitive turnkey projects worth several Billion Dollars. Thanks to a broad and diversified experiences and dedicated team of professionals, our company has significantly contributed in the development of the Kingdom’s major airports, road networks and our consistent effort and pursuit of success led us to participate in construction and execution of the Riyadh Metro Lines 1 & 2 valued at 10 Billion Dollars.

We stand committed to excellence guided by our deep routed company covenants providing quality engineering and execution. It is the strategy of our company to be always one of the leading contracting companies in the market. To this end, we as Almabani continue to invest in quality, value engineering, proactive and talented people, endeavoring at all time to satisfy our client expectations and to best serve the welfare of our society.

Youssef Tohmé

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